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Exeter sound

The incubator for musical ideas with the gear and the ear to get the job done


Working at Exeter sound studios

When dealing with your music, we strengthen and enhance that which exists already. We listen, take time with pre-production, and make sure that we don’t pull the trigger on tracking sessions until the band is 100% comfy and ready. We then take the time required to ensure that no creative stone is left unturned and that all artistic exploration has been validated. The process is music and art first with solid organization that drives to completion steadily.


Located in downtown Toronto, Exeter Sound Studios is built for comfort and creation. With a control room, a classic vocal booth and a 12’ x 6 ‘ iso room, we’re set for writing and all manner of overdub tracking.

Our Telefunken 251 vocal mic captures everything from a whisper to a scream and puts you right in the center of the mix. Additionally, a serious collection of instruments is always available for use.

About ESS

Thomas McKay

Thomas McKay is a producer, writer, multi-instrumentalist and tracking engineer. With a career that has included being signed in London UK to R.C.A Records, Tommyboy Records N.Y.C. Warner Chappell N.Y.C and B.M.G. Canada, Thomas is platinum awarded and Juno Nominated.

His love of playing instruments can be heard on a number of the recordings he works on.  Be it bass (his first instrument) guitar or synth, Thomas spends all day – every day tracking overdubs and songwriting at E.S.S.  Having charted #1’s, top 10’s, 20’s and 40’s with his own bands he has the experience and ears to make a record that leads with originality and is appealing to labels.

Ben Spivak - Magic - RCA Records

The greatest producers know how to find the best and showcase that.  Thom McKay finds the deepest and most honest part of an artist and creates a universe around those qualities that allow them to flourish and shine.  With Thom there’s no settling.  He demands of himself that which he expects of his artists;  to constantly be growing, evolving, and striving for greatness”

Tara Slone - Joydrop - Tommyboy Records

“I’ve known Thomas McKay as a band mate and producer for over 20 years. He’s one of the most naturally gifted musicians I’ve ever worked with, and has some of the best ears in the business. As a vocalist, I’m always amazed by Tom’s uncanny ability to put me at ease in the vocal booth, while getting exactly the sound, tone and performance the song requires; he is by far my first choice of producer when it comes to my vocals. To top it all off, Tom is one of the best and kindest people I know.”


Toronto, ON M6N, Canada